#1,191 Operatic

A sizable question.

So, for those of you who read CheapCaffeine on a desktop computer or something else which presents it in a size bigger than your palm…

Is the comic big enough?  I’m looking around at other popular webcomics, and I realize that they often present their comic at 50% to 100% bigger than I do.

Not that I’m all anxious about size, you understand, I just… Maybe I’d better end this right here.

Win a copy of the SPECIAL SKETCH EDITION of Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply!

So we’re just a couple of weeks away from hitting comic #600, which means that a second print volume, collecting the second 300 cartoons, is right around the corner.  In celebration, I’m giving away three copies of the first collection, Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply.


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Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply by Nathan Shumate

Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply

by Nathan Shumate

Giveaway ends July 03, 2015.

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Note that this is the SPECIAL SKETCH EDITION (you can tell it’s special ’cause I wrote it in capital letters), usually only available from me personally at conventions. If you win, I’ll contact you before sending your copy out and find out what custom sketch you want on the front page.