More exciting than the new phone books!

It’s here! Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply, the first CheapCaffeine print collection, is available for purchase from!

But wait — there’s more! I’ve also created a “Special Sketch Edition,” which I’ll be selling personally at various venues in the future (the soonest being Westercon 67, coming up over the Independence Day weekend).  Buy the book from me, and for no extra cost I’ll sketch whatever you want in the space provided for just that function in the sketch edition. Personalized like a boss! (Do the kids still say that?)

Cover Reveal: Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply

Here’s the cover for the upcoming first print volume of CheapCaffeine comics:


Expect it to be available in a week or so, unless I have problems with the CreateSpace proof copy.

In addition, there will be a special “sketch” edition, only available (for the foreseeable future) at conventions and other venues where I am in attendance. The first page will have space for a made-to-request sketch by yours truly (largely to prove that yes, I can draw).