#1,085 Consequences

#1,085 Consequences


  1. I had those Oreos they were strange. The cream kinda cancels out the pop rocks, I could feel the pops, but not really taste them. Although I am not gonna try the peeps flavored ones.

  2. You know, banana WAS the original flavor of twinkies… They were created as a way to utilize the baker’s excess bananas before they went bad. It turned out, folks liked the cakes, but weren’t fond of the banana filling, so they changed it. And now you know…

      1. Disturbing, but true that banana was the first, but the rest of the story is … complicated, per Wikipedia Twinkies History:
        Twinkies were invented in Schiller Park, Illinois[9] on April 6, 1930, by James Alexander Dewar, a baker for the Continental Baking Company.[10] Realizing that several machines used to make cream-filled strawberry shortcake sat idle when strawberries were out of season, Dewar conceived a snack cake filled with banana cream, which he dubbed the Twinkie.[11] …. During World War II, bananas were rationed and the company was forced to switch to vanilla cream. This change proved popular, and banana-cream Twinkies were not widely re-introduced. The original flavor was occasionally found in limited-time promotions, but the company used vanilla cream for most Twinkies.[13]

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